Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If you are HERE you should be THERE

As in:




You see it all started one day when an eager little chubby girl made an equally obese typo.

In all of my excitement to have my own piece of virtual real estate I registered my URL with blogger as dairyofanotsoskinnygirl.blogspot.com... dairy... like as in dairy cow.

Mental forehead slap.

When talking to the google techies in the forum I've found it to be much to difficult for me to change the URL without jumping through all kinds of firey hoops to redirect traffic in the Reader Feeds and still keep my huge (five) group of followers.

So I have done what any red blooded American would do and took the easy way out by claiming DIARYofanotsoskiinygirl as well as DAIRYofanotsoskinnygirl.

So if you happened to land on this page it is not my actual blog. This is. So click here. Please and Thank You.

And until further notice, to my people I shall remain your DAIRY queen xox